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Canvas or canvas panels

I received a pile of canvas panels a few years ago. Some artists don't like to use them because they aren't supposed to be permanent. I wonder about that. I have some paintings done on canvas panels that are sixty plus years old and the paintings are the same as they were back then. I destroyed one that was done about thirty years ago because I foolishly stored it in a plastic garbage bag thinking it would preserve it. It turned black in the corners, mold I presume, and I burned it.

That being said, canvas panels are fine at least for sixty rears as far as I am concerned. They are good for students to learn on and they are excellent for painting on location. I plan to use mine for planning some pieces and later transfer the work to either canvas or prepared masonite. Some I might even use for the final work. I think it all depends on how well you keep the painting. Hang it on the wall. Never seal it in a garbage bag. We artists like to live forever through our paintings. What we chose to paint on, and how we look after our work determines longevity.

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