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A few tips

Why should I make straight lines instead of curved or irregular lines?

Straight lines show character and form objects better than curved lines especially in the beginning stages of a drawing or painting.

How should I go from one edge or plane to another?

Always soften your edges. Never leave a hard line between two planes. Dry brush the edges smooth. In other words, feather the edges.

What does dry brush mean?

Just what the term suggests. Brush with little or no paint on the brush.

Do you have to know how to draw in order to paint?

It depends upon what you are painting. If you paint portraits or mechanical subjects such as buildings, cars, ships or trains, drawing is very important. If you are doing landscapes, drawing is helpful but not necessary. If you have the ability it is always best to learn how to draw before you paint. However that doesn't mean you shouldn't paint. Many a fine work of art has been done without drawing.

What does value mean?

Any landscape has to have values. This gives it depth. Values are not colors. Values are various color strengths as you proceed to the background of your painting. Adding white to a color changes its value. You can also do the same by adding its complement, but it's easier to just add white. Usually the colors get lighter the farther back they are. These are what are called value changes. Most objects have value changes. At least three are required to make the object stand out.

How do I make objects stand out?

Contrast makes objects stand out. Contrast is achieved by either using different colors or changing the value of a color. You can't see an object unless it is a different color than the background. Exaggerating an object against its background makes it stand out.

What is a good way of making an object stand out?

Use pure color and dab it on thick. Leave it. Don't play with it after. This is how you make highlights and should only be done in the final stages of the painting.

Do I paint with acrylics in the same way as oils?

For the most part, yes. Acrylics dry fast, in a matter of minutes. Oils can take days or weeks. There are no odors with acrylics, but oils can give off fumes depending on what you are doing. Most of the techniques are similar as long as you know how to keep acrylics from drying out before you are ready. I will cover this in detail later.

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